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Let's Break Bread with Coach Mike

Certified Life Coach who focuses on inspiring men to maximize their greatest potential concerning family, work, and leadership.  Self-reflection  is catalysis to achieve and enjoy life. Together we can achieve your personal goals. Now, let us break bread together!!



The mission of our organization is to facilitate and support you in completing the tasks and responsibilities assigned to you. This process is commonly achieved through the deliberate cultivation of positive thoughts and emotions, which serve to enrich and nourish one's overall well-being. Every day presents an opportunity for change in one's life; it is incumbent upon us to actively participate in these changes as they have the potential to significantly impact our lives.

Get the Most out of Life

One must reconcile with their past and take accountability for their actions. Do you encounter challenges when making decisions? Are you seeking to improve your capacity to navigate problematic circumstances, overcome obstacles, address past traumas, or gain mastery over challenging aspects of your life? 
How do you actively engage in assuming a leadership role?

The author's area of expertise will provide direction and motivation toward personal improvement.

Guidance & Inspiration

As individuals embark on life's journey, they will inevitably encounter numerous obstacles and challenges that impede their personal growth and development. This course aims to teach individuals how to recognize and affirm their practical communication skills and exercise agency and influence over challenging circumstances in life.


I was introduced to Michael through a close friend. During the time Michael has encouraged and pushed me to stay committed to working on building a relationship with God. In the process, the group and prayer time has been trying to increase my prayer life. As of late, almost being I think of a year of participating in the prayer calls and talks. I have charged myself to be more accountable and consistent in my walk with Christ. 

Aaron Bolden

Thank You to Coach Mike, he encouraged me to go back to college and to use my talent. his influence in my life has shaped my perspective of servanthood and taught me invaluable lessons about integrity. over the years I have met many of the other young men "Big Mike", has mentored.  in them I see the same values and respect being developed as it has been developed in me. this allowed me to achieve two Master's Degrees and accomplished working as a career adviser for a university, every day I get a chance to pass on the principles Coach taught me.

Pasi Musaindapo

"As an immigrant in the United States, Young and looked to continue my studies in Chicago; I was blessed to have met Michael Turner in the congregation where my cousin went at the time. I've discovered right away that brother Mike had a special gift for the younger generation. He knew how to communicate with them and that made the difference. I thank the Lord Jesus for his life. Brother Mike was truly a blessing to people around him, especially to young people. "

 Phinees Adegbidi

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