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Meet Coach Mike

It is powerful when two people come together and break bread. As individuals, we should open the doors to our heart issues.

Michael Turner has been in leadership and life coaching for over 25 years. He has a Christian counseling certificate from A.A.C.C. and the American Association of Christian Counseling.

Michael has worked with Special Education Disabilities and completed certificate training Support services with Participants. He has managed a team of more than 200 representatives in various Fortune 500 companies. He has also worked as a youth leader for over ten years with Harvest Christian Center and helped establish a Christian counseling service.

Together with committing to Mentoring hundreds of men by situating, appearing, and directing them into a distant better, a much better, higher, more potent, an improved" more robust life culture, in endeavors to lead them into Authority, extraordinary fathering, and bringing responsibility and keenness to the heart of all men. My polished skill makes quality integrity and veritable life lessons to the heart of men of brokenness so they can be goal-driven and make, beyond any doubt, reply emphatically to the desires of the family and community.

He creates Commander Classes for men who make a difference in the end and ends up more like Christ, and he gives his time to caring for God's individuals by exceptionally serving them.

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